Jana Mackey


This is a story about a voice. 

Jana Mackey grew up singing. But it was in college when she found her voice. When she sang, people listened, but when she began speaking up for those silenced by domestic abuse, people acted. 

She rushed to write letters to congressmen and legislators from a very young age and became one of the youngest lobbyists for the National Organization for Women. It was as if Jana knew she had little time to leave the world a better place.

Jana’s story was interrupted by the same enemy she fought, but her voice was so powerful it still resonates through young women standing up against gender violence.

Help stop other stories from being interrupted by domestic violence.

Safe in Harms Way

Safe In Harms’ Way is a Non-Profit Organization with a mission to change the world of those experiencing and recovering from domestic violence. It is born of an instinct to right wrongs and create an ever-expanding web of goodness. A tight-knit community of women from all backgrounds in the process of leaving abusive relationships behind and fighting for accountability.